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Josh Campbell

on stage since 1999

birth date: Jan 18, 1974

birth place: Greenwood, SC

ambitions: to play with Phish

turn-ons: Phish

turn-offs: Crowe hitting me in the mouth with his horn while he's mackin'

instruments: bass guitar, guitar, and vocals

instrument brands: Ibanez bass, Fender and Modulus 5

other bands or performing groups: Tunesmiths, Jaw & Special K, Brad & Josh

hobbies: skating, walking

favorite band: Phish

favorite movies: Shawshank Redemption, Smokey and the Bandit

favorite tv: Discovery

favorite food: the free kind

favorite drinks: Miller Lite, vodka

favorite saying: "chika bow wow" and "check your ego at the door"

nickname: lucky, stump, tree