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Andrew Dudley

on stage since 2004

birth date: February, 25

birth place: Columbia, SC

ambitions: To simply enjoy life

turn-ons: A beautiful smile

turn-offs: Liars

instruments: Trombone & Trumpet

instrument brands: King, Bach, Getzen, and Denis Wick 6B mouthpiece

other bands or performing groups: Lander University groups including Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Jazz Combo

work outside or inside the Medallions: Student, Waste Management Expert (taking out the trash), and washing the bus

hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Listening to all types of music, and going out with friends

favorite band: Sister Hazel and Third Eye Blind

favorite movies: Son-in-Law, Red Dawn, and Shrek

favorite tv: ESPN, the Speed Channel, and the Outdoor Channel

favorite food: Fried Chicken Beaks and ribs

favorite drinks: Cherry Coke

favorite saying: "Git r Dun... Dats rite", "I'm on the Way", "Lets get it on" and "That's funny right there"

nickname: Stanlee, Dudley, Stan, Junior and A-Dud

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