Kevin Cox

Height:  6'
Birthday:  5/16
Place of Birth:  Greenwood, SC

Ambition:  to play drums for a living
Turn ons: The Torps
Turn offs:  Artisit formarly know as "&"
Hobbies:  Playing the Djiambi, Tuning Brad's Guitar

Instruments:  Percussion
Instrument brands: 
Other Bands:  Brad Josh The Artist Formarly Known As "&"

Other Jobs inside or outside the Medallions:  Road Crew Education:  BA in Killing Bugs
Favorite Bands:  Rush, BareNaked Ladies, Widespread Panic, Phish, Burlap to Cashmere
Favorite Movies:  Shawshank Redemption, A Few Good Men, The Rookie, Ocean's Eleven, Me Myself and Irene
Favorite TV Shows:  SportsCenter, Seinfield, Crossing Jordan 
Favorite Foods:  Tacos, Pizza, Cube Steak
Favorite Drink:  Jim Beam and Coke

Favorite Saying:  GotoMighty
Nicknames: &, Kevie, Kev, Big Funky Kev, K.P. Fiddler | home | dates | merchandise | pictures | past band members