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name: Robby Cox

birth date: 2/4

birth place: Greenwood,SC

ambitions: to be successful in the music industry as well as all other aspects of life. To raise two wonderful kids.

turn-ons: good smells

turn-offs: halatosis

instruments: drums

instrument brands: Yamaha Maple Custom Drums, Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth 5BN Sticks, Remo and Attack Drum Heads

other bands or performing groups: none

work outside or inside the Medallions: Psychologist

education: B.S. in Psychology from Lander University, Harvard Medical School

hobbies: Two Kids...enough said.

favorite musicians or bands: Rush

favorite movies: None

favorite TV show: Law and Order

favorite foods: Beef Jerky, Hot Wings

favorite drinks: Sam Adams Light

favorite saying: "Yes, I understand ",

favorite book: Ghost Rider, Neil Peart

nickname: Grubby, but only to real old friends

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