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No Early Closure... Back In The Day NYC circa 1991... RobTaylor, Kebin Ahrens and Ashby Stokes


Acoustic Christmas

Deck The Halls

This CD was arranged and recorded in NYC by Ashby in the mid 90's. Traditional Christmas Songs perfomed on guitar, mandolin and glockenspiel

American Guitarist

American Guitarist

American Guitarist contains some original music and some cover music. This CD explores a broad range of guitar styles that have been a part of American culture since the 1800's. This CD contains both Acoustic and Electric guitar compositions.

Mean World Syndrome

Red, White, Black and Blue

Mean World Syndrome is Ashby's only concept album to date. The idea for this was based on a study of TV viewing habits conducted in upstate NY some years ago. All the songs relate to the effect that "violence oriented" television programming has on the behavior of impressionable minds. Ashby wrote all the songs and lyrics for the album. MWS is very rock oriented with undeniable melodic overtones. {Album features Rennie Xosa (bass), Dave Lindland (vocals), and Rob Taylor (drums)}

Never A Good Goodbye

This song was recorded by No Early Closure during its peak of popularity in the NYC area. The track was layed down at East Coast Studios in the Bronx, recorded by Bruce "Doc" Alcotte and mixed by Frank Filipetti. Ashby: Gtr/Vocal, Kebin Ahrens: Bass/Lead Vocals, Rob Taylor: Drums. The 10 song CD "DISCLOSURE" is available through this web site Email Us for availability and details.