Picture of Ronnie Goldman, Ashby Stokes and Robby Cox. The Ashby Stokes Trio ash  


For Booking/Availability Info:

864.993.1993 (Ronnie)

864.223.8772 (Ashby or Robby)

The Ashby Stokes Trio is:

Ashby Stokes - Guitar/Vocals

Ron Goldman - Bass/Vocals

Robby Cox - Drums


About The Trio


 The Ashby Stokes Trio delivers an interesting mix of Rock, R&B, Jazz and even Bluegrass music. They play private partys and the local club circuit in there home town (Greenwood, SC) weekly. The Trio covers many different artist including Eric Clapton, The Alman Brothers, The Police, SRV, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash and many more. Greenwoods finest musicians flock to sit in with Ashby's band. (Kevin Cox, Richard Crocker, Shawn and Shane McElrath, Alex Smith, Andrew Dudley, Gratin Smith, Ben Sprouse, Taylor Stokes  and Kellar Lawrence to name a few) Feel free to contact the trio for availability, bookings and/or merchandise and be sure to check these guys out around town at Jeffs Grill, Stokies, The Dock, Sportsbreak and the Uptown Sushi Bar